My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:

Yes, you are smart… No, you are not going crazy!! Have you ever looked at your portfolio and seen the fees your money manager takes out regardless if your portfolio made money or not? Have you gone to the bank and realized you actually lose money leaving it in there at near 0% interest rate minus their fees? Have you gone house hunting and prequalified for a mortgage only to be priced out of the home by the time it’s built? Have you gone to a bank that says they give loans to the average person only to be denied and treated like you were nothing?


Have you become frustrated that everyone that wants to give you financial advice seems to give you no advice…


and not even a thank you ….as they steal from your wallet?


You’re not alone and you’re not crazy! This really does happen on a daily basis! Hedge funds managing people’s 401(k)s buy non-performing notes for 125% of the value of the notes! This means that they are LOSING people’s retirement funds at the rate of 25% straight out of the gate! This happens because these hedge funds are bonused off the NUMBER of transactions rather than the PROFITABILITY of the transactions.


You’re not alone and you’re not crazy! Banks are more than happy to pay you less than 1% on the money you deposited in them and then lend you back YOUR OWN money via a credit card at 18 to 25%!


You’re not alone and you’re not crazy! Institutions are artificially manipulating the market by buying up the available supply of houses and then sitting on them empty…… causing a shortage in order to drive prices up.


You’re not alone and you’re not crazy! The stock market is a rigged game in many ways …..and just because something is legal… does not mean that it is moral! If institutions get enough money they become too big to fail………while the INDIVIDUAL has no choice but to fail.


You’re not alone and you’re not crazy! As long as the general population feels that they have some success and are too busy trying to make a living…….. they don’t pay attention to what government and financial institutions do…… The aforementioned becomes the host and the latter becomes the parasites that have no problem killing the host.


You’re not alone and you’re not crazy! When Covid happened the world was forced to stop and for the first time….people had to take a look around and see if the old way of doing things was still going to be viable…….or if there was going to be a “new reality“. This caused people to see the parasites/train wreck and take pause and ask themselves…… “Is this really happening“?


You’re not alone and you’re not crazy! No one cares more about YOUR money than YOU! This is why it’s so important to get some financial literacy and take control of your own finances! If you’re the one who earned the money… why can’t you be the one that tells the money where to go instead of wondering where it went? Why don’t you start a self-directed IRA?


We here at Titan Impact Group are more than happy to help with your financial education as far as self-directed IRA‘s by sending you our free e-book titled: How To Use Your Self-Directed IRA To Buy Real Estate.


We are also here to help you to take a calculated risk on yourself and buy real estate-backed mortgages in which you are able to be in the least risky position in the real estate action……


We teach you how to be the BANK!!!


The best thing about this whole deal…… We don’t charge fees and we only make money when you make money! It is therefore in our best interest as well as our ONLY interest to help you succeed!


Our economy needs help!! Our fellow citizens need help!!! The systems and structures that we have become used to have failed us in many ways. The best way to bounce back from this mess is to take control and do it yourself! This is how we leave every person, property, and community better than we found them. This is how we do our part to help others have the ability to…… “NEVER awake from the American Dream”!!!


Catherine Bell/ President +

Steve Wahl/ Mobile Home Park Mogul & All Around Hell Of A Guy

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