My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists: 

I am on my 27th rendition of this newsletter as I am very passionate about this subject and my keyboard keeps getting a serious case of Tourette’s! It takes a lot to make my head explode but this subject is one that easily does if I allow it to.

It does not matter which side of town in the metropolitan Phoenix area I go…… you cannot spit in any direction without hitting at least ten help wanted signs. Now I can be excited about the signs as that is usually the result of a healthy economy. Help wanted signs means employers are willing to pay more because of the laws of supply and demand. There is no need for people to be begging for money on the street corner because studies have shown money problems begin to disappear roughly 2 weeks after GETTING A JOB!!! 

I know that may be a little sarcastic but seriously! Come on people! The Great Resignation is LITERALLY……not working! ……Yes a  brief history rant is about to begin!!!

When societies first start out or find itself in a slump……the majority of the people have a difficult time even knowing where their next meal is coming from. This is the sole purpose for an economy. The people in a geographical area get to look at what natural resources are available to them and deside how they will use those limited resources to create goods and services that other people desire in order to make their quality of life better. As people go to work… i.e. get a job… they earn money and are able to secure the basic necessities of life. If this process continues for any amount of time at all, the society finds itself in a position of excess. When society has excess because its basic needs are met they can then concentrate on advancement. Advancement not only means better techniques, better education, better quality of life… but it also means people get to concentrate on pleasures. People get to have hobbies. People get to enjoy the arts. People get to enjoy all kinds of recreation. All of this is a direct result of people making a decision to go to work.

I have always had a strong work ethic as my dad taught me the lesson well… “Son if you’re not providing for your family you’re not a man“! Granted I used brawn and sheer force to make it through my 20s and 30s…but  not working smart caused me to destroy my body. I took great pride in my blue collar roots. However out of necessity, I’ve had to embrace using my brain the white-collar way.  

The point is I do know what it’s like to be struggling. I do know what it’s like to be homeless. Having experienced this I am very grateful to live in a society that has such excess and has advanced so much that there are so many safety nets to choose from when people need a little help. The generosity of the tax paying working citizen is what has provided EVERYTHING when it comes to a higher quality of life and safety nets. The tax paying working citizen… this includes business owners and entrepreneurs…created EXCESS!! The tax paying working citizens created The Wealthy Middle Class. 

We must correct societies thinking when it comes to the wealthy middle-class. While everything has stemmed from them there is a resignation due to the fatigue of working and being penalized by the government taking that which is rightfully yours and supporting someone who is able-bodied but chooses not to work. Incentive is taken away. The tax paying working citizens however are the only ones that can and will do something about this. 

My fellow compassionate Capitalists! It’s time to go back to work and work smarter as well as harder! It’s time to put our brains to the test and use the excess that we have created to invest in OUR  dreams and OUR goals. To invest in OURSELVES!! We need to invest in the work ethic of the American people. We need to remind the world that all wealth begins with the hard-working, tax paying middle class who refuse to resign from their responsibilities. A  class that will once again ensure that we “NEVER awake from the American Dream”. 

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