My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:

I have the distinct honor and privilege of not only being a Sentinel of the American Dream……but also a vanguard of the founding documents that make the American Dream possible. As a practice, we invite anyone who becomes a funding partner with us to come and take a tour of the museum.

I always start the tour out with……… “What is history….. but the study of human nature”. I then take them on a tour of our country from its founding to the present. This tour is not merely stating what the artifacts are… but telling the story of America from the entrepreneurial/capitalists point of view.

We start with the Founding Fathers… most entrepreneurs and capitalists, and how they realized they were sitting on the most prominent and affluent plot of natural resources known to man. If they could defeat the king who sat on the throne of the empire of which the sun never set… they could have the most significant financial empire in the history of the world!!

To the surprise of all…they succeeded! George Washington was the army’s general because he was too cash-poor to help financially. John Hancock and others like him kept getting promoted in the government because they needed to stay alive because of their ability to finance the war. Our first naval vessels were retrofitted merchant ships! We promised the French to ease the tension between the future “new borders” and their ability to access the natural resources they owned uninhibited….. in exchange for their help.

Once the war was over, capitalists and entrepreneurs wrote the Constitution of the United States… The Bible of capitalism. A Constitution that came FROM the people limiting the government’s power to interfere with free enterprise. A Constitution that was used to protect the SPOILS OF WAR!

Free enterprise flourished, and the United States of America quickly became an economic powerhouse for exports. It seemed to have an unlimited supply of natural resources. America was unstoppable. Unstoppable until it went to war with itself.

The Civil War was not fought over the morality of slavery. The Civil War was fought because the entire economy of the South was outlawed overnight without any transition period. Labor… which is the most significant expense in any venture… was now paid for. This crippled the South’s ability to remain competitive in the marketplace.

As I’ve mentioned in other newsletters… the sanctions against Germany after World War I crippled their economy with hyperinflation. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed, “superior race” even went so far as to elect a brown-eyed black-haired Austrian to be their supreme leader/economic savior. This led to the extermination of over 6 million Jews. At the same time, one thing that is never discussed is the 20 million Russians that its government eliminated during World War II.

This brings us to our current situation with Russia and Ukraine. The weapons of war are so great that if nuclear options were enacted… planet Earth would be unlivable. Nobody wants to decimate the planet… So now the new weapon of war is economic warfare!

The problem with all of the sanctions and the fact that Russia may be utterly bankrupt by next Wednesday… is that if you evaporate all hope from a people….. sometimes they don’t caretaking the rest of the world with them when it comes to their destruction. We must use our economic might to create a delicate balance between pain and hope. Between incentive and complete misery and degradation.

My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists…………. We are the only hope when it comes to bringing the proper balance to the solution of this problem. We must lead by example! We must show the world that even though governments usually get in the way of progress……that incentive to have a better life…to leave the world a better place than you found it…to understand the power and necessity of money….to show compassion towards our fellow man… to become so successful that we are the envy of the world!!! To use that success in a way that does not rub it in people’s faces…but instead inspire and invites others to do the same. There is no hope in the world without money…. and there will be no money or capitalistic entrepreneurial activity if we allow the desperate cries of society….. to eliminate our ability to “NEVER awake from the American Dream.”


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