There’s a world wide pandemic!!

Streets are burning!! There’s no more jobs!!

Everyone is homeless!!

Our food supply is being tampered with!!

There’s no more toilet paper because Global Warming killed the trees!!

We’re headed for Civil War 2.0 !!

Zombies are taking over!!

We will have to home school our children until we are all raging alcoholics!!

The next American President will be over-thrown by a Coup D’état!!!

Yet when we wake up tomorrow morning the sun will be shining…..the garbage will be collected….water will be running….the internet will be working….freeways will be open…..ATM’s will have cash…….grocery store shelves will be stocked with food….gas will be pumping at the stations. It’s good when this is a bad day in America!!

Yes there are some REAL challenges out there. However we were put on this earth to solve problems. When we solve one set of problems we get to trade those in for a better set of problems. This is called progress. America did not become the most prosperous, generous, liberating, and powerful country in the history of mankind by shrinking from a challenge and having a defeatist attitude. If there is no hope for the future….there is no power in the present.
Now it seems like the world has gone and played one too many mind games and psyched itself out There are REAL consequences for such reckless thinking. One of the problems that Titan Impact Group was formed to solve is… do we give the average hard working American a second chance when it comes to him falling behind on his mortgage?

It’s all very simple. Banks are not in the landlord business…they are in the business of lending money, taking those mortgages, bundling them up, selling them, and then taking the profits and turning around and lend some more. If someone is behind on their mortgage it is said to be a “non performing” note. Banks are required to get these off of their books.

Titan Impact Group invests its investors money and buys these “non performing” notes. Not just any notes. WE DO THE NUMBERS AND THE NUMBERS TELL US WHAT TO DO!! Then we work with those promising prospects to get them caught up. Walking by their side for 12 to 36 months creates their new track record of paying on time resulting in a “performing note”. We then sell that performing note and repeat the process.

This allows good people who have fallen on hard times a second chance and a way to stay in their home. This allows our investors a steady return. This allows Titan Impact Group to stay in business and continue to solve better problems. After all….at the end of the day isn’t that really what it’s all about?
On behalf of Titan Impact Group…..please stay safe. Have a little patience. Grant others grace. Create REAL power now by cascading hope into the future. As always……..NEVER AWAKE FROM THE AMERICAN DREAM!!!!