My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:


Wealthy merchants, entrepreneurs, and the general populace that understood Capitalism became so tired of being compelled to doing things the King’s way….that they committed treason, started a war, pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor… and birthed a nation!

What an amazing and beautiful sound it must have been when the “Liberty Bell“ rang to summon the towns people to “Independence Hall“ to hear the reading for the first time…the document of treason….. a Declaration of Independence!

For almost 2 1/2 centuries the experiment in treason has worked so well that the “little nation that could” has become the sole beacon of freedom and economic prosperity for the rest of the world! It’s secret to success lies not in having found the perfect formula… but rather just having never given up on solving the problems blockading the American Dream.

Today the need for that “can do” spirit when it comes to economically liberating ourselves from an overreaching government is more vital now than ever! Under the guise of “economic stimulus“ the government has caused the weaker portion of society to become dependent on “freebies” and lose their way. The lack of the desire to work has caused massive delays in logistics/transportation and artificially inflated prices to where many find themselves priced out of home ownership… the basis and backbone of the American dream.

In the tradition of that American spirit… once again Compassionate Capitalists are coming to the rescue! Innovation and technology and the ability to see and fulfill a need in the marketplace has caused the “tiny home“ industry to flourish. Boxabl has created 400 square-foot homes with regular sized appliances that literally folds up into an 8 foot wide box that can easily be transported. These homes are hovering around the $50,000 price tag range and can be put on a permanent foundation so they qualify as an actual standard home.

Enterprising developers  in the college town of Tempe, Arizona have purchased “fill in“ lots from the city at an extremely discounted price. These small 1 acre or so lots that have done nothing but collect trash and blight are being filled in with permanent foundation affordable housing. While the cost to build these homes is fixed…the discount comes from the bargain price the developers purchased the land for. Only individuals who make less than $44,000 can qualify for the special mortgages. When they desire to sell the home they are able to take up to 25% of the profits with them.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!!! These are just a couple of the positive stories we have to be proud of as we end this celebratory week.

In the same spirit and fashion that this country was founded…… freedom loving Compassionate Capitalists helping others to “NEVER awake from the American Dream”.