This is Catherine Bell with Titan Impact Group and I am here to talk about

“what is it like, the operations of owning a note”.

I get asked that question a lot of times. One of the things I’m clear about is I’m a business owner and an investor. And one of the things I love is making sure that everybody our team, that it is their genius. I always say to our team, if it’s your genius, it’s your job. And so we have different departments that literally take care of different pieces of the note as it comes through the system.

From the beginning, we have our analytics team that analyzes the note, make sure that the numbers actually work. Then we have our purchasing team, which goes in and starts bidding and ultimately buys the notes. Once we get the note in, then we have to get all the paperwork and everything transferred. And we have a whole service team. The service team is what is the direct interaction between the borrower, and obviously us. So we make sure inside of that, that these people are well taken care of. And we’re always looking for a win-win scenario, because we want to make sure that these families stay inside of these homes; that’s a big piece.

Because when we can keep people inside of their homes, keep families intact, keep communities intact, that is everything. And that’s absolutely who we are.

Once with a servicing company, we find a new agreement, we work all that out, then the servicing company ends up going ahead and collecting the mortgage payments every single month. And we just keep doing it again and again.

After 18 to 36 months of having this be a performing note, we pull a bunch of these up, and we turn around and we sell them off to other hedge funds in Wall Street, things like that. So that’s kind of the lifecycle, the simplistic version of us operating and buying and selling notes.

So with that I am Catherine Bell. We Are The Sentinels of the American Dream and We Leave Every Person, Property and Community Better Than We Found Them.

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