Hey everyone,

I am here to answer the question “What is a distressed note?”

As a real estate investor and anybody who lives in a house can actually understand this. So when somebody buys a property – a house – we’ll just keep it simple. They get a mortgage, generally.

And that mortgage in banking terms is actually called a note.

What happens is that banks are in the lending business, they are not in the real estate business. So their job is to lend out as much money as possible, because that’s how they actually make money. So they create these notes, otherwise known as mortgages.

What happens then is, as long as the borrower continues to pay the mortgage and pay it on time, it is considered a performing note. Over time, if the borrower, for whatever reason, doesn’t make the mortgage payments consistently, then what happens is it is called a distressed note or a distressed asset, or a non performing note.

So really, all it is is just a mortgage that somebody hasn’t been paying for whatever reason. What do banks do with that? Well, thanks again, they are in the lending business. They are not in the real estate business, they actually are not set up to be able to negotiate with the borrowers to create a solution that actually has their mortgage work.

We, as real estate investors, we do understand this business, and we do have the ability to go in and help them get back on track and restructure it so that it actually works for them to keep them in their home.

By doing that, it keeps the communities intact and families intact. And that means everything to us!! Here at Titan Impact Group we make sure that we leave every person, property and community better than we found them. So I hope that helps. Make sure that you Like, Click, Share, and Comment on all of our pages on all the networks. Thank you everyone. May you never awake from the amaerican dream.


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