Financial Literacy Programs For High Schools Across The United States

One of the reasons that we do everything that we do to add commas to our and our investor’s bank accounts is that it gives us the freedom of time and resources to be able to make the difference we are called to make in the world.

​​​​​​​One of the areas that calls to me the most is the lack of financial literacy in our educational system. By teaching our kids all about how to get the correct answers on the test rather than have life skills that will actually matter to them like financial literacy, relationship skills, and communication skills we are handicapping them from being able to be successful as adults.

As a mom of twin teenagers about to graduate high school, this has been quite concerning for me. So I got into action and I put together a family mastermind and have been intentionally teaching them all of these skills over the last couple of years.

What has come out of this has been nothing short of extraordinary on so many levels. I have taught my teenagers that for every dollar that they earn, 10% goes to charity, 20% goes to their “save to spend” savings account, 20% goes to their “save to invest” savings account, and the balance is for them to do whatever they wish with it. We have been living this out with them from the beginning of having any little amount money, even gifts from birthday presents.

This has now grown into two things: we have a Mastermind course teaching other families how to do this with their kids, and I am also on a board of a nonprofit where we are creating a financial literacy program that is going to be implemented in all of the high schools across the United States. Several states have already taken the initiative, such as Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Florida, to pass laws mandating that financial literacy is taught to high school students before they graduate. I’m very excited and honored to be a part of this program and this team that is working diligently to have this in place for these high schools to be able to implement coming this fall. I’m very excited about the ripple effect that this will provide not only for these high school students but also for their future families, the companies they work for or create, and the economy as a whole.

Catherine Bell/President

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My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:

Catherine‘s article this week is about how Titan Impact Group is making a difference by providing financial literacy throughout the schools of America. Since I have spent the last two weeks back East enjoying the history of our Founding Fathers and the banking institutions… I figured I would briefly explain how our Founding Fathers and banking intentionally created the wealth of this nation! Today’s brief explanation can be found in the first chapter of the book: Financial Founding Fathers.. The Men Who Made America Rich.

Americans are more concerned with wealth than others because we are better at producing it than any other people. We do that because we understand that the backbone of the economy is the American people…the farmers, merchants, manufacturers, and artisans whose interactions with the financial system…insure that the economy remains highly meritocratic.

Basically from the beginning, Americans realized that if there was a goose that laid golden eggs and the person who owned the goose, took care of the goose, and fed the goose received six eggs and you received one egg for collecting all of the eggs…that would be OK. You would not kill the goose just because you got one egg. As long as you had enough for yourself and had basic food, clothing, and shelter, plus a little extra…there would be peace in the land.

It’s when the basic needs of society are not met the people start to rebel. This was exemplified in the election of 1800. Basically, the Federalists created the banking system. The banking system provided capital for merchants and farmers and artisans to invest in their small businesses. When The Federal Banks got greedy and refused to cooperate with the artisans of New York…. Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr started a second party called the Republican party. The Republican party of 1800 is the modern-day Democrat party.

Long story short….Aaron Burr had just started the Manhattan Bank. He gave loans to the artisans and shop smiths etc. if they would vote for those who would vote him and Thomas Jefferson into office. The agreement between Aaron Burr and Thomas Jefferson was that Jefferson will be president and Burr would be vice president. Aaron Burr had the New York economy pumping so well that when the election happened he took credit and refused to step down and be vice president. This threw America into a Constitutional crisis with top government officials arguing about the best way to solve this problem. One of the byproducts was the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.….but that’s another story.

The bottom line is… It is greedy financiers that are the problem… NOT the financial system itself per se. Our financial system works. Capitalism works. As long as we are able to taper greed to where those who are the backbone of America do not…. out of necessity…. kill the goose that lays the golden eggs…. We will have a relatively harmonious and prosperous country. A nation that has been built on wealth due to the fact that its citizenry is able to “NEVER awake from the American Dream”!! ​​​​​​​

Steve Wahl/ Mobile Home Park Mogul & All Around Hell Of A Guy

How I Am Making An Impact This Week

Hello everybody here are this weeks Titan Impact Group marketing highlights.

Here at Titan Impact Group we are looking for every way possible that we can leave every person, property, and community better than we found them. One of the most important ways we do that is by providing education through all of our social media platforms.

Via our almost daily videos, we have amazing feedback and have been asked to join podcasts and radio shows because of them.

Branding and marketing is another important aspect you do for your business. Showing who you are and why you do what you’re doing…..IS your brand. There is only ONE YOU and your brand is how separate yourself from the competition.

Your brand is your platform and maximizing the usage of your platform is the way you share your mission and dream… well as “add commas to your bank accounts” as Catherine would say.

Marketing is a vital part of what we do here at Titan Impact Group and because of it we are able to make the difference in the world we set out to make!

I strongly encourage you to think about your vision, mission, and your brand…… and what difference you want to make in the world.

My job is as an educator of content. So if you’d like to hear more about what I do inside of marketing for my clients you can connect with me in the link below!

Thank you……. and may you NEVER awake from the American Dream!

Hannah/Marketing Manager

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