My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:

It’s the bottom of the ninth…..7th game of the World Series.… two outs….bases loaded….. full count…down my three. Here’s the pitch… Crack of the bat…’s going going going going GOOOOOONE!!!!

It’s the NBA finals………five seconds left on the clock… down by two……full court press….inbound pass to Wahl….. he fakes……he rolls off…..double teamed……from the three point line…..1 second left…..he shoots….he SCOOOOOOOOORES!!!!!

From an early age in life we are always the hero in our stories. We are the one who saves the damsel in distress from the burning building. We are the one who take the bullet and saves the life. We are the one who lives in the mansion, flies in the private jet, and has the exotic European cars. Never do we ever dream of being the TOWEL BOY….. wiping the blood, sweat, and tears off the floor of those who did battle and chose to make their dreams come true!

Since the beginning of time life was never a spectator sport. If you wanted to win at the game of life you had to play. Trophies were given to the winners. You could try to be a spectator but all you would accomplish with that is watching life go by without you……. reaffirming your insignificance in its contribution.

We have now come to a point in history where the spectators who demanded participation trophies for just showing up are redefining what the future and tenets  of success will look like. In short… a generation who believes that victory and the spoils of war does not go to the players… but rather to the towel boy.

This will have a devastating effect upon our current economy and on our generation as we enter into our twilight years. Homeownership is not seen as something to be desired. Many could care less about owning or driving cars. The ability to produce a physical product as basic as clothing or food is put into the category of fantasy. A place where Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny live.  A place where things just magically show up at your door and no thought is ever given to the labor behind it.

This is what happens when OUR generation spoils the next generation by providing everything with no strings attached. It’s all under the guise of we want our children to have a better life than us. We have somehow forgotten that it is through the struggles of life that we strengthen our character muscle to push through and persevere. We now have an opportunity to correct our mistake.

By the time you read this the moratorium should have been lifted and banks will begin to foreclose on those behind on federally backed mortgages. This will be an opportunity for those who have been given everything in life to learn what happens when the “freebies“ run out because those who work are tired of having to provide for those who choose not to.

This whole process may be seen as ruthless but there is also an opportunity to show Compassionate Capitalism. The opportunity to prove that the economy does make corrections and those who are financially educated can still profit while helping those in need overcome Government mandated financial mortgage peril.

So let’s pick up the towel and throw it back to the towel boy. Let’s stand as warriors who although may not be ahead in the game of life right now… are not afraid to step back on the field or court and continue to play the game of life. Let’s cancel the participation trophy order. Let’s play this game and see who wins. Let’s have the satisfaction…win or lose…to lay our head upon our pillow at night completely exhausted…..knowing that we will “NEVER awake from the American Dream”!!