The Hand That Rocks The Cradle


My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists: 


In the beginning in the Garden of Eden…. Adam had a nice little cozy life. He was ignorant of everything and was not able to progress. Eve, knowing that she was Adam‘s greatest incentive….partook of the forbidden fruit and told Adam that he should do the same if he wanted to be with her. Adam “partook of the fruit“ and was cast out of the Garden of Eden. He was then commanded that “thou shall labor all thy days… and by the sweat of thy brow shall thou eat”. Thus the first economy was born thanks to Eve!


Fast forward several millennia and the story repeats itself to the point that we have approximately 8 billion people on planet Earth whose economic contributions for 2020 was approximately $94 trillion. $22.9 trillion of that… or approximately 25% of the global economy came from right here in the good ol’ US of A!! 


The thought of the love of a woman will cause a man to move a train across the desert without tracks! Men will give up their throne and their kingdoms for the love of a woman. Just ask Cleopatra! Men for the most part lack refinement and direction. However when under the influence of a beautiful, intelligent woman… Men become unstoppable! They make the impossible… Possible! They make the extraordinary… a mundane daily event. 


A woman’s entire life is centered around “home economics“. She learns from an early age as well as teaches her entire life what it takes to stretch a household budget. What it takes to live doing the same work but receiving 20% less on average. Women must become creative in order to keep up in a “man’s world“


While this may sound misogynistic at first….. here is the great secret that only the smartest and brightest of men understand and employ in their daily life.


Women are the fairer sex. They are more intelligent than men. They are more refined than men. Women have a softness and nature of nurturing about them that causes men to gravitate towards them. God did not put man on Earth to help women fulfill their potential… God put women on this earth to help men realize THEIR potential….all along taking an UNDESERVED backseat while making man’s improvement… the man’s IDEA!


Being engaged to the person who will become Arizona’s first self-made female billionaire has done nothing but confirm this point. While I am in no way, shape, or form a “kept man“… as I had my own money before I met Catherine… Together Catherine and I have become an unstoppable force that must be reckoned with. I have seen her take what started out as a financial literacy class for her twins…. and watched it grow in the past two years into a safe environment of learning and healing that has directly affected dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of people. Broken hearts have been mended and personal finances have been fortified by obliterating bad debt and replacing it with billionaire mentality.


At the end of the day the point is this… The hand that rocks the cradle does indeed rule the world. Everything that is good and refined and compassionate was instilled in us by our mothers. If not our birth mother then the mother of our children or the mother of our mentors. So this Mother’s Day let’s rethink who we are celebrating. Let’s put things into proper perspective. Let’s attribute TRUE WEALTH… A healthy heart and a healthy bank account… To those who deserve it. Let’s celebrate those who gave us the foundation to have the ability to “NEVER awake from the American Dream”. 


Steve Wahl/ Mobile Home Park Mogul & All Around Hell Of A Guy


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