My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:


I know that recently I wrote a newsletter titled The Hand That Rocks The Cradle……… in which I touted the superiority of women and encouraged them to take their rightful place in a “man’s world”. Judging the responses to the newsletter….. I needed to do a follow up piece.


Guys… Love them or hate them….WE…..and even the WORLD…. cannot progress without women. That’s just science!!! Ever since we were living in caves and dressing in animal skins and carrying around clubs…… It has been a man’s role to be the protector and the provider. We as men would gather together and beat our chests and grunt and commit acts of violence on what would be our food… Or even each other if someone got in the way. Brute force and violence was the way that we survived and got what we wanted. It worked! If it ain’t broke… Don’t fix it!


Women were supposed to be the homemakers…. nurturers….and raise children. They were softer and used thought and reason and emotion in their decisions. Brute force and violence was a last resort. Some men died in their journey and did not come home. That forced women many times to fend for themselves and take on the additional role of provider and protector. While there would be lots of men more than willing to take on another woman…… Very few men ever want to take on the role of raising another man’s children.


When worlds started colliding out of necessity… did not want to adapt and came up with many ways to beat women down who dared to enter a man’s world and compete with him as a protector and a provider. Devices of humiliation and torture were construed to publicly shame women who were bold enough to think and speak for themselves. Men’s rights superseded any right that men were “generous” enough to give women.


But then something happened…….


Kings who were too foolish to negotiate and too hardened to do anything but declare war, began to die and leave the kingdoms for their queens to defend. These queens… These heretics… These women of power confused men as they negotiated peace. They confused men as they encouraged instead of forced. They confused men as they played the long game of patience instead of the short game of instant gratification.


We could go on for days of all the women in history who made a true difference. Unfortunately most never got to see the difference that they made.


All of this brings us to the battlefield of business in which we fight for today. If you look at companies started by women versus companies that were started by men…you will find that generally women’s companies started out smaller…. and yet they grew faster and larger and more successful than companies started by their male counterparts. This is a statistical anomaly. Just because there are more companies with men as the head…does not mean that men have been more successful.


The secret sauce is the nurturing. Most men have a mission of making more money for themselves. Most women focus on leaving every person, property, and community better than they found them. While men are clubbed to death/fired for their mistakes… women will rally around each other and hold each other up….to correct the mistake and move forward with the lesson learned. While most men rarely think beyond today… Women vision far into the future. They understand human nature and make plans to deal with it….. and solve foreseeable conflicts.


No, I am not bagging on men. I am simply pointing out that there may be a better way of doing things. That maybe if men put a little more thought… a little more attention… a little more emotion and a lot less brute force…… we would find ourselves solving a lot more problems in this world. We would find that the answer many times lies within bridling our lust for more….. and concentrating on having compassion for those who have less. This would be a way to actually fulfill the American Dream… and not just label it the American Dream… because you have to be asleep to believe it!


Titan Impact Group is proud to have been started by women….and who has a staff consisting mostly of women. The practicing of compassionate capitalism along with the mantra of “we leave every person, property, and community better than we found them”… is just one of the many reasons Titan Impact Group has found success in a male-dominated industry.


Titan Impact Group understands that many people feel scared and confused when they look around at what’s happening in the financial world today. Corporations are making record profits… and yet people are getting laid off. Home values have skyrocketed….. but banks are not allowing homeowners to access the equity in their homes!!! Corporate landlords are buying up entire neighborhoods and destroying the “community feeling“ as profits become more important than people!!! Hedge funds and money managers are taking your 401(k) and buying banknotes at a loss because they get bonused on the number of transactions and not on the profitability of the transactions!!! Terminology is thrown out at at you to make finance seem too complicated for you to handle yourself. All of this……done in order to make you feel that the only people that can solve this problem are the ones who created it in the first place!!!!


If you would like to take your personal finances back…


If you would like to be in charge of your own 401(k). If you would like to educate yourself in order to clear up the confusion. If you would like to have a company earn your trust because they get paid on profitability. If you would like to return common sense in the world of housing and finance….. Then fill out our potential funding partner form TODAY!!! Click, like, comment, share, subscribe, request a copy of our free e-book titled: How To Use Your Self-Directed IRA To Buy Real Estate…. And allow us to help you take the first steps to “NEVER awake from the American Dream”.


Catherine Bell/ President +

Steve Wahl/ Mobile Home Park Mogul & All Around Hell Of A Guy

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