My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:
Growing up my father attempted to teach me many lessons. One that actually resonated with me though, was when he told me “if you’re not providing for your family… You’re NOT a man”!!! I followed his lead and went gangbusters, and when I first started out I held down a minimum of three jobs. That was probably a good thing since I was so exhausted I constantly got fired from one job or the other. 24 different jobs in the first two years of marriage to be exact.
I was blue-collar all the way and was physically revolted by the thought of white-collar work. While I have a spine and one hell of a work ethic… At age 50 my body is completely destroyed due to construction and I am now dependent on being able to do white-collar work! I’ve been blessed financially and I do not have the concerns that most people have today. So in this issue of the newsletter……..I just want to give some blue-collar advice with white-collar results for a world that at times seems upside down.
  1. When you’re young and dumb start out right by making FAMILY the TOP priority!!!!! However when you’re not with family… work work work work work work! Sleep is a waste of time and a luxury you’ll need when you’re old.
  2. Know the difference between being a risk taker and being a gambler! Take plenty of CALCULATED risks as you have the advantage of time to recover if things do not turn out well.
  3. Educate yourself on the difference between Capitalism and Socialism… and ALWAYS choose Capitalism!!! Socialism‘s promise of Utopia does not exist. It takes out incentive which is the entire basis of Capitalism and progress.
  4. Educate yourself on the difference between being charitable and being an enabler. There is nothing wrong with giving time or money towards a cause you believe in. The end game of your giving though should be that your “cause“ is better off because of your donation rather than becoming dependent upon it and entitled.
  5. You entered this world the same way as everyone else… Upside down and naked and completely dependent on others for your basic survival. While some may end their life the same way…. most should try to become as unequal and unique as they possibly can. You do not become an INDIVIDUAL by going along with the group. However society has set boundaries and laws that must be followed by everyone.
  6. You are owed NOTHING in life. However you are indebted to those who came before you and made your world the best that it has ever been. You must pay that debt by making sure future generations can say the same about you.
  7. While religion may like to speak in terms of black and white….most of the world takes place in shades of gray. Your freedom and your ability to reap the rewards of your success are the only things you should be rigid on. With everything else…. LISTEN…..before speaking.
  8. If you are going to invest in the stock market…… invest in the things that interest you. While your parents may have told you that you are special… are not so special that you are the only one. It’s a big world out there and there are others that think like you. Besides it’s easier to give seed money to something that is your dream as well……..And then there’s always real estate!
  9. If you are not going to invest in the stock market or real estate than at the very least invest in yourself. Wherever you go there you will be. You will never be able to escape you. You are your greatest project and it’s paramount the final product meets your satisfaction. If you do not find happiness in this life…you will not find it in any other.
  10. Life is short… eat dessert FIRST! Remember the reward for life well lived… is having lived it! There are no set in stone blueprints for your life because YOU are the architect! The life you live is your contribution to society. The success of that contribution always lies in your ability to “NEVER awake from the American Dream.
PS…….Always marry a nerd that’s WAY out of your league!! I have a lot of millionaire and billionaire friends that can attest to that!