My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:
The first part of my childhood I was a complete and total nerd.
I absolutely loved school.
I loved the library. I loved books.
I was annoyed by people who were sociable.
I could not understand why perfection when it came to grades and test scores… was not everyone’s objective.

It really wasn’t that hard being the top of the class.

Later on as my thoughts went towards girls and dating…. I decided I wanted to be a popular jock. My mom called it the “eighth grade slump”. That slump lasted until I graduated high school. I could not understand why anyone would want to have a life that comprised of anything other than the adoration of the world for just showing up!! People applauding you and being excited for the privilege of watching you play.

As I started out my adult life I could not stand white collar office work. I absolutely loved blue collar, get your hands dirty, Bob Seger “like a rock“ listening, beer drinking, bitch about the boss on weekends, “average Joe“.

As I look back on everything today I realize the problem I had is a universal problem. It was a problem that was keeping me poor. That problem was that I was trying to be RELATABLE!!! The issue is that financial success only comes to those who are UNRELATABLE!!! That is the common denominator. The top 1 percentile consists of nerds, popular jocks, AND average Joe’s! The fact that the 1% exist automatically denotes that they are unrelatable and unattainable to the other 99%.

So what’s my point? My point is the KEY to financial success is to stop giving a damn about what social category you fit in and just acknowledge the laws of economics and the role you play as a capitalist. If a person supplies a product or service that helps solve a common need or a problem in the masses…. that person will then become one of the classes. It matters not what that product or service is… even if it is borderline absurd. If you receive a little bit from a whole lot… you will find yourself at the top!

There is a price to be paid though when you receive financial success. You need to responsibly pay it forward. This does not mean redistribution of wealth. It means provide the opportunity equally for everyone to step on the field and play the game. If you do this…there is no need to ever apologize or have to explain your success.

My fellow Compassionate Capitalists…..we live in a world where feeble minded governments and people will try to rob those who have…..under the banner of “properly re-distributing“…….to those who have not. This takes the incentive out of work and success while impairing the financial vision of those who receive the benefits of another’s labor.

It is up to us to correct that injustice. We simply cannot have a life of uncontrolled capitalism or unbridled greed. We must become unrelatable to the masses in our efforts get them to universally relate to finding and thoughtfully engaging opportunity.

We must give them hope and understanding that the seeds of greatness are within US ALL!!!That is our potential. Those who become unrelatable when it comes to tapping into their potential become the success stories of tomorrow.

They are the ones who make up the future one percent.

They are the ones who will close their eyes at night and “NEVER awake from the American Dream”.