My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:

Titan Impact Group spent this past week going from coast to coast literally…… In order to wage war on financial illiteracy! In our travels, we continually meet up with the most extraordinary people whom the media constantly overlooks because they are camouflaged in ordinary life.

A common thread with all the various superheroes… a desire to help others accomplish their goals and dreams. Most come from backgrounds of poverty or social awkwardness or intellectual difficulties on top of broken homes…. but have still accomplished their version of the American Dream.

While I love a good underdog story… I am a relatively private person when it comes to my personal desires, goals, and dreams. I only share the deepest desires of my heart with Catherine….. and this past week’s trip from San Diego to New York set a rock-solid concrete foundation for the life that I always wanted…..but dared not let anyone know.

It truly is an AMAZING feeling when you walk into a room and inside find all of your deepest desires and dreams staring back at you asking you the question “here we are… What are you going to do now“?

While I can’t mention many of the names or the specifics….. I just wanted to leave everyone with this: Do yourself a favor and turn the TV and radio off. Don’t believe any of the crap the media is feeding you. Don’t believe it’s an all-out war between Democrats or Republicans. Don’t believe that the wealthy are conspiring to keep people poor. Don’t believe that strife in government is something new. Don’t believe that the world is in chaos and turmoil because it’s the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and their differing cultures. Don’t believe there’s more evil in the world than is good. Don’t believe that just because the average person cannot see themselves beyond their current circumstances all is lost.

DO BELIEVE that I sat in a room with radical right-wing Republicans and leftist liberal Democrats who had a common goal and so politics was set aside. DO BELIEVE that many of these people are wealthy enough that their decisions affect ENTIRE ECONOMIES…. not just individuals or families or a corporation or a community. DO BELIEVE that unbridled Capitalism is as bad as Socialism because both eliminate a middle class. DO BELIEVE that our Founding Fathers understood everything that I’m saying and wrote the Constitution….. so that it could be adapted……. to allow the solving of future problems socially and economically…… of which they knew they themselves could never conceive. DO BELIEVE that there are way more GOOD wealthy and powerful individuals who will NEVER allow the work of our Founding Fathers to be lost. DO BELIEVE that this is America! It IS the leader of the world! HOWEVER…. we lead by example… NOT by force! This is God’s planet! HE IS in control! We are simply here to give up who we currently are in order to become the best that we may be. Make sure you bring your community…. For this is not a journey to be taken alone.

That my friends….. truly is the tuition for financial education. Those who are teaching by example simply want others to pay it forward. For when we pay it forward we become connected. When we become connected we realize that we are not alone. When we realize that we are not alone we have hope. When we have hope it gives us power. When we feel empowered we ensure that we…. along with all of our fellow citizens of the WORLD…….. “NEVER awake from the American Dream”!

Steve Wahl/ Mobile Home Park Mogul & All Around Hell Of A Guy

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