Hey everyone,

It is Catherine Bell with Titan Impact Group and we’re here to talk about real estate investing and finance.

Real estate investing is, for me, something I’m very passionate about. I did not grow up in the real estate investing world, but I did get myself educated. I had some really amazing mentors that have walked alongside of me to teach me all of this; and they can absolutely do that for you as well. You can learn about real estate investing through local real estate investment groups, there’s tons of courses, tons of books, but it all comes down to you.

Are you going to get yourself educated?

You’re not going to get yourself educated in this area when it comes to college and university. And absolutely, those are appropriate for particular careers for sure.

However, in real estate investing, the one thing I love about it is that every successful person that I know, has a part of their portfolio in real estate investing. We say success leaves clues and that would be a clue. So it would be really important to get yourself educated around how finances really work and what’s really going on in the banking system.

Then of course, how to invest in real estate. There’s so many different avenues and ways to invest in real estate. We’ve invested in buy and holds, we’ve done hundreds of fix and flips, wholesale deals, Airbnbs/short term rentals and we had a hedge fund.

Now we focus on just being the bank and having our investors be the bank along with us. We do tax deeds, tax liens, and notes. There are so many things to do and ways to do it, so you need to get yourself educated and figure out what lights you on fire and what makes you happy.

So with that, my name is Catherine Bell with Titan Impact Group and We are the Sentinels of the American Dream and We leave every Person, Property and Community Better than we found them.

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