My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:
The legend goes that in 1519 as Hernán Cortés and 600 Spaniards arrived off the coast of Veracruz, Mexico…. Hernán Cortés stepped upon shore and ordered his ships to be burned.
As a mutiny was about to break out Cortez raised his sword against his soldiers and proclaimed “MEN… We go back in their ships… Or we don’t go back at all”!!
While some may struggle with the reality of that story, the truth is Cortez did order his ships to be destroyed in order to have his men realize they were at the point of no return.
By doing so….two years later…. Cortez and his men had completed conquering the Aztec empire.
Where is the point of no return when it comes to today’s Covid Economy?
Is it really Covid that took the economy to a point of collapse or has this been a product of a systematic plan of government to rule with absolute power?
What factors are at play that would cause any government to believe it could accomplish what has never been successfully implemented in history?
Governments have changed, plagues have come and gone, but human beings voting to improve their lives by participating in an economy has always remained steadfast and endured the test of time.
As we are able to look back into the past with 20/20 hindsight, we do realize that the FACTS are that our educational system has taught children that there is no absolute truth. That everything is subjective. By the time they hit middle school they are taught nothing of the Constitution, it’s absolute supremacy over all other laws, or  the reality of the times of our Founding Fathers.
Our Founding Fathers are painted in a light of white, privileged, slave owning, elitist, racists, with no morally redeemable qualities and therefore the country and the Constitution they gave us is flawed and should be vanquished from existence!!
If the Constitution is allowed to be destroyed then freedom as the world knows it will be its first and PERMANENT victim!!!
A Declaration of Independence…a treasonous document that 56 men signed as their death warrant…..lead to a coup d’état against the king of an empire of which the sun never set… and these treasonous rebels WON!!!
These patriots were CAPITALISTS!
These rebels were educated businessmen!
Free enterprise and the ability to reap the rewards of your own actions was a principal they were willing to live and or die for!
The Constitution that they gave us was an ironclad benchmark protecting free enterprise and that all laws would….. from that day forward…..stem from that paramount tenant!!
That history proved every single time that no matter what the adversity… human beings will ALWAYS choose free enterprise! Any other way of life has ALWAYS had to be FORCIBLY imposed upon the people by government!
The latest challenge these past two years has been Covid. While government has offered to be the one stop solution…human beings once again voted for an economy and ADAPTED and EVOLVED in a way to still have commerce while dealing with Covid.
This we must recognize and NEVER forget!
The economy… WILL have its JUDGMENT DAY!
It must have it’s retribution!
It must purge itself of the artificial government incentives in order to make the corrections to once again be mastered by…..and serve the people.
We must NEVER let the narrative be that Covid is the problem and the government is the ONLY solution.
We must be patient as the economic cycle resets itself properly in order to advance civilization….and in a way and grandeur that has never before been witnessed.
We must return our belief, our power, and our hope in ourselves and our ability to…….”NEVER awake from the American Dream”!!!