My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:

On Saturday, September 17th, we celebrated the 235th birthday of The Constitution of the United States of America! Even though the Constitution is the reason Americans are able to have the opportunity to live the way they do every single day….a lot like Christmas….. the celebration of the REASON will most likely take a back seat to ignorance brought on by misinformation and a lack of education.

To be FREE……….. To do whatever we want when we want… as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others.

At the conclusion of the Civil War…. 4 million enslaved people were freed. Of those 4 million, 60% of them stayed in the South and went back to (or around) the plantations they were freed from. A man cannot truly be free unless he is taught on what to do with his freedom. How to use it. Why using it works to his advantage.

In the United States true freedom is purchased by having enough to take care of your needs…..and then some. Financial education is the unfair advantage. Financial education is the KEY to freedom.

Financial education has been taken out of the school system. The constant bombardment of advertising has obliterated the feeling of satisfaction. No one is being taught how to have an excess of money. Everyone is being taught how to spend money before it is even earned.

People are losing the game they do not know the rules of. In their understood frustration……they do not feel the need to learn the rulebook. To learn how to score. To learn how to win! They do not understand why the Constitution was written the way it was….. or the importance of not ignoring when it is violated.

Our Founding Fathers……who were mostly businessman and entrepreneurs…… did not care to give charity to the tired, the poor, the huddled masses. They had just done the unthinkable and now controlled the supply chain of which the rest of the world was dependent upon. They now had to write the rules that allowed the future caretakers of the supply chain to be free enough to make their own decisions….yet rigid enough that change would require 3/4 of the states to be in agreement.
After all…… We are not a country made up of 50 states… But rather we are 50 individual states with a centralized government.

The problem today is that due to lack of education and misinformation…… people are selling their birthright to be caretakers of the supply chain……. to be businessmen and entrepreneurs……for the promise of temporary security that comes from being a wage earner. Most Americans do not even know the basics about the Constitution. It is no coincidence that that particular statistic coincides the lack of with financial education.

My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists.….We do not have a worker shortage in America! What we have a shortage of is entrepreneurs and capitalists who inspire…… and bring their wage earners into the light…..so that the wage earner does not have to be resigned to not knowing what they’re doing or having a purpose.

We need entrepreneurs and capitalists who read and understand the Constitution. Entrepreneurs and capitalists who see tremendous opportunity when there are bumps, shortages, and problems to be solved in the supply chain they control. This is the United States of America! We are still the supply chain to the world! There is no decision that 496 people in Washington DC can make that will destroy our economy. The Constitution has provided for that. It has been under attack since the very beginning. The great world debate today is not over religion… It’s over capitalism versus socialism. Entrepreneurialship versus slavery. Education in controlling money versus ignorance in allowing money to control you.

So let us find hope and opportunity where others find problems and despair. Let us celebrate the 235th birthday of the greatest document ever written by actually READING it! Let us not fall victim to resignation. Let our bodies be weary from fighting the good fight. Let our bodies rest knowing that tonight we will “NEVER awake from the American Dream”!!

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