My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:

This week (July 20th) we celebrated the 52nd anniversary of one of man’s greatest accomplishments… setting foot on the moon!!

This was not done during a time of relative peace and prosperity.

This was done during the time of Vietnam, The Cold War, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.  A time of Civil Rights marches and violence. A time of inequality with women in the workplace. A time when the homosexual community was not accepted. A time when government was found to be lying and political scandal was everywhere. In spite of all of this… Man still had dreams and was not afraid to take the first steps to change history forever!

With all the negativity in the headlines of today….. some may say not much has changed. However those who subscribe to that theory are looking at the world through tinted and tainted lenses.

The world has never been more populated. With this increase in population the ratio when it comes to clean water, ample food supply, eradication and control of diseases, human rights, wealth, advancement in technology, commoditization of what were once considered to be luxury items, housing supply, medicine, clothing, and education has never been better! Yes we still have improvements to make. But it is an ignorant stance to not state and celebrate tremendous progress!

So kudos to you citizens of the world! We deserve to take a break from the negativity and acknowledge how far we have come. Sometimes the steps we take are so small that we must practice patience in order to see the progress. However let us never forget that taking those first small steps for man is the beginning of what it takes to have a giant leap for mankind! Let us thrive and acknowledge the positive. Let us look at problems for what they truly are… opportunities to capitalize on by solving them and making progress.

Sometimes the best way to start fresh is to just lay our heads down upon our pillow at night and “NEVER awake from the American Dream”!