My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:

When I was in the Philippines a number of years ago my friend was having a small birthday celebration. I went to the local bakery and there was a delicious cake that had been cut into eight pieces but one piece had been sold. There was a brand new identical cake sitting on the shelf in the background. A slice of cake was 10 pesos.

I asked the person behind the counter how much the brand new cake was. He told me 120 pesos. I said “OK I will take that one”. The person answered back that he could not sell me the new one until the old one was purchased.

I was confused at the lack of customer service and the person’s math skills. I said “fine I would like to buy eight pieces of cake for 80 pesos”. The person told me that was impossible because the cake only had seven pieces and it would be 70 pesos.

I then asked for the person to take one slice out of the new cake and stick it in the old cake thus producing eight slices for 80 pesos. The person once again responded that they could not touch the new cake until all of the slices of the old cake were purchased.

I put 70 pesos on the counter and said I would like to purchase the seven slices plus an additional slice out of the new cake. The person seemed bewildered as they were boxing up the seven pieces and then set the new cake in where the old one had been.

I asked for my eighth piece and I was told that the cake had not been cut yet and therefore it was 120 pesos. Then asked if I could purchase the 120 peso cake that had not been cut if I gave him back the seven slices and put 70 pesos towards the 120 pesos. I was told that was not possible because the seven pieces had to be bought and taken out of the bakery before the new cake could be sold.

I committed my first murder that night! ………Or at least thought long and hard about it, as I went to my friend’s birthday party with a seven slice cake! That day has been on the surface of my last nerve for many years now as I thought it was a perfect example of why developing countries are so far behind America’s “educated” work force!

Who would’ve thought that I would start out the year 2022 in America longing to be back in the Philippines in order to receive better customer service than what is being displayed today!!! A real sense of frustration and entitlement has made customer service nonexistent in our “new reality”.

As I reminisced about the best part of a free market…….it was that you had to service your customer base and continue to improve your product while finding ways to keep costs low. This leads to competition because there are options. In order to beat the competition… your customers’ minds….. you needed to be the only option!

Yet in today’s new reality we find government influence has manipulated the markets. In the “good ol days” if an employee was not doing their job or giving poor customer service…..they could simply be replaced and damage to a company’s reputation would be minimal. However, due to the government showing people that they can survive with entitlements and without doing what the unspoken social contract dictates… employers find themselves with a worker shortage that is simultaneously quickly alienating their customer base.

This alienation caused by the employees that businesses are dependent on….. will morph into the perfect storm. There will be even more products and services that are no longer available due to the fact that the producers of these products and services have gone out of business. However with the government entitlements people will still have money to buy the ever-increasing priced product or service that is becoming more and more scarce. A world where people have money to buy the products and services that no longer exist…… and don’t have the work ethic or gumption to do a damn thing about it.

In other words… LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!

My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists…… now is the time to lead by example. Now is the time to raise our standards. Now is the time to hold others accountable… for them to do what they say they will do in the time they say they will do it in. Now is the time to not be held hostage by the weak and feeble minded. Now is the time to give opportunity for those who really want to take it. Now is the time to think outside the box and how to keep our customer base without subjecting them to poor customer service. Now is the time to prove that like the Phoenix… We too can rise from the ashes when we “NEVER Awake from the American Dream!


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