Hey everyone, it’s Catherine with Titan Impact Group and I’m here to help welcome you into the new year.

One of the things I always love doing is creating dream boards and goals and, you know, setting the intentions for the year. And so  Steve always likes to bug me that I’m a big ‘ole nerd spreadsheet nerd.

The reality is, I love numbers, it’s fun!! And this is a whole other level of fun that we get to have with our spreadsheets and our numbers.

So one of the things I want to encourage you to do is to write out your goals, your intentions, and create a dream board.

Be really, really clear how much money you want to create, invest, give to charity, whatever it is.

Be really, really clear and by when, because there’s something really profound inside of that.

By us being really clear about what our intentions are, this is part of one of our passive streams of income, because that’s always our goal of creating passive streams of income with our businesses.

And so this is just some fun and some inspiration for you. I hope you’re inspired.

Steve: So for your new year’s goal if you want to snag a smoking hottie like I did, hey, believe me you can be as homey looking at as fat as I am. Somebody you will walk around with that somebody’s gonna buy something cute about you. He’s got a big heart that I promise. I’m either the mobile home park king or really, really successful stripper, you decide.

Catherine: He’s such a good man. So with that, I’d love to know what your goals are specifically.

If you’re interested in learning about passive streams of income and how we can add commas to your bank account, like we do for all of our other investors, for sure, click on the link below and schedule a call. I’d love to have a conversation with you.

Bye for now, everyone.

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