My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists: 

It happens every single time! I post a picture of me in a luxury car or mansion or world famous landmark and put it as my background on social media……and almost immediately the friend requests start popping up. I’ve set off someone’s algorithm and now I’m being catfished!! 

Long ago when I was a little more naïve… or maybe with just with a little more ego…… I would ignore all of the obvious warning signs and believe that somebody was lonely like me and just wanted to chat me up. After all…….it sounded reasonable. God and the universe providing….right?

Ignore the fact the person could not conjugate a sentence properly. Tell the actual time of the place they claim to be living. Or even remember their birthdays or occupations even though it’s posted on their “profile”. 

Ignore the fact that it’s the profile of a beautiful woman who has ONLY 28 “friends”. One who will never take a picture of herself but always has stock photos of luxury items to show her days of shopping and how she is 23 years old but clearly a multi millionaire!

The names and the pictures may change but the con is always the same. Create an algorithm which searches for a certain demographic who posts pictures or uses certain keywords when it comes to luxury items/wealth. Play the numbers game and if you find somebody lonely enough… maybe…..just maybe you can score by scamming them. 

The sad thing is is that clearly this is a successful scam or else people would not continue to do it.

Unfortunately this bleeds over into the financial/investing world with much more dire consequences. The easiest way to get what you want is to take it from someone who already has it. There are a lot of very smart, very charismatic, very motivated, bad guys out there who could easily win Oscars for their performances.

This is why it is imperative to DO YOUR OWN due diligence as well as ensure that the entity you trust your money with…. ALWAYS has your best interest in mind. An entity who has a heart made of gold and compassion….but a mindset of distrust and constant….vigilant….. verification.

This is not a pleasant subject but it is one that must be dealt with. Otherwise the only time it is seen publicly…… is in the tear filled eyes and pain distorted expressions of its victims…. who know that it’s already too late. 

We at Titan Impact Group are unapologetically the SENTINELS of the American Dream. We have a history. We have a digital footprint. We have phone numbers that actually get answered. We have emails that get responded to. We have calendars that you are able to find a time slot to schedule some one on one with us. We have hundreds of videos and articles and newsletters explaining what we do. We have shared examples of tremendous success as well as huge failures. We practice what we preach. We don’t invest for the sake of investing. 

A clear example of this is us passing on over $9.8 billion worth of assets that have come across our desk THIS YEAR alone!!! It simply did not pass our 150 point check list.  We refuse to get paid on the VOLUME of transactions like most hedge fund managers. We instead get paid on the PROFITABILITY of the transactions! Since we are not a volume based business we are able to take the time necessary to find solutions for REAL people who have REAL concerns.

Our business model is set up to where instead of foreclosing… homeowners who have gotten behind are given a second chance to work to correct the mistakes that have been made and to hold on to their American dream. 

The integrity we infuse into our financial transactions includes having a format so that EVERYONE who wishes to have control of their money and invest in the things they believe in can. Someone with as little as $2000 can practice Compassionate Capitalism while at the same time making their hard-earned money go to work for them!

Taking control of your finances is all about mindset. We here at Titan Impact Group even have a segment of our company that conducts family “master minds” and has helped many people have life-changing experiences by shedding debt, repairing relationships, investing in ways that are comfortable for them, and improving their overall general lifestyle.

My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists……… What our world needs is for all of us to practice integrity in everything that we do. Yes we are human and we will fail miserably at times. However if we keep pressing forward though we will be further along tomorrow than we were yesterday. Practicing integrity is a lifelong process. It is not a sprint… It is a marathon! It’s OK to be a turtle as long as you are persistent and consistent…….you will win the race! 

Yes we need integrity. Our life and country as we have known it will not continue without it. Integrity in government. Integrity in religion. Integrity in the workplace. Integrity in our schools. Integrity in our homes. Integrity in our individual lives. Integrity in our ability to……… “NEVER awake from the American Dream”!

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