Currently, the weight-loss market is at 6.24 billion and anti-aging is at $58 billion. Avanti Body Holdings, LLC (“Company”) is poised to be a game-changer in all three of these industries – as well as providing sustainable verticals in both manufacturing and real estate.

But we are more than a financial forward investment possibility with four strategically distinctive divisions. Our mission is to positively enhance as many peoples lives as possible and elevate their self-esteem by providing high-quality, scientifically proven, health-forward experiences that will lead to rapid and healthy weight loss, and relief from pain. We will always strive to bring our clients products and treatments that genuinely improve the condition of the body and mind.

Avanti Body Holdings, LLC (“Company”) intends to raise capital through sales of passive membership interests (the “Preferred Units – Class 2”) and to use such capital for the expansion of the Company and to secure a line of credit.

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