Pine Tar, Loaded Bats & Profits

Why Hitting Financial Home Runs Don’t Count

When I was a young boy I absolutely LOVED playing baseball.

I lacked natural talent but I made up for it NERD STYLE by calculating speeds, angles, and statistically finding out who was the weakest player out on the field.

I would then ‘Beautiful Mind” it when it came my turn to bat and I almost always got on base.

Granted, I was not a slugger as my 6” cannons lacked the power needed to allow me to strut around the bases……but I would always ground the ball  into the shallow outfield and everyone would  advance a base before the ball could be played.

Well this was early 1980 something and Major League Baseball had just been rocked by the George Brett, loaded batt, and pine tar controversies.

Of course I did what all pre-teen independent thinkers do and I tried to think of a way to emulate said controversy.

My opportunity came on a day trip to the big city of Phoenix.

My mom took me to K-Mart and there I found a selection of wooden baseball bats that would be the envy of all small town country boys.

These bats had the tops of them slightly indented to where they looked as if they had been  hollowed out and “loaded” with tennis balls.

I knew that if I got into my dad’s stash of black electrical tape, wrapped my handle, and heated it up…..I could then unwrap it and a sticky “pine tar” would remain.

I was excited !!!!!!

I grabbed a can of Jerky Stuff (Mormon kids tobacco) and put it in my back pocket and was off to the copper colored station wagon so we could make it home in time for the big game.

Fast forward a few hours and it was my turn to bat.


I could tell all eyes were on me and everyone was anxiously awaiting to see if my new bat could bring the THUNDER !!!!!!!

In came the pitch……waist high and to the outside….. my “Beautiful Mind” calculated a swing and the sound the bat made as the ball cracked off the “sweet spot” can only be compared to the first cry of your new-born baby, your slot machine hitting a multi-million dollar jackpot, or your teenager not arguing when told to do the dishes or take out the trash!!!!!!

H E A V E N !!!!!!!!

I rounded first base in usual fashion.

No big deal.

I was feeling pretty good going to second.

By the time I hit third 12 news reporters and 4 helicopters were broadcasting the event.

When I floated across home plate the clouds parted……angels began to sing…..a light shined down on me and an amplified voice from heaven was heard exclaiming “This is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased”!!!!!!!!

I had done the impossible!!!!!

I had hit my first and what would be my only official Little League home run!!!!!!!

And then 2 seconds later the catcher hit my back with his glove and the umpire yelled…….YOU’RE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

You see…….in my excitement and in celebrating my success…….I forgot to touch home………………..a tragic but valuable life lesson……………

My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists: Growing up we all dreamt of hitting the home run, intercepting the football and running it in for the touchdown, or making that game winning 3 point shot as the final buzzer rang.

We all wanted to PARTICIPATE………not once did we ever dream or long to be………..the towel boy………..wiping up the sweat of those who weren’t afraid to participate in life and make their dreams come true.

We are at a crossroads in our country’s game of life.

Just like the government’s over-reach has closed down the stadiums and sports arenas in real life…… is closing down the financial/employment stadiums and arenas on our fellow Americans lives.

Americans who were more than happy to play the role of OUR FANS……watching us PARTICIPATE in a game they dream of playing as well.

At the end of the day….isn’t that what it is all about………the FANS.

Without the FANS…….who would cheer us on?

Who would buy our “tickets and merchandise”……. the economic sales that finance our lives?

Who would give the game we’re playing any meaning?

Who would care if we touched “home plate” or not!!!!!!!

It’s time we economic athletes give back to our fan base.

The government doesn’t have the solution to the problem.

Hell……the government isn’t even clear on the rules of the game we are playing!!!!

It is up to US to kickstart the economy again by taking the CALCULATED risk and investing in the non-performing notes the banks are required to get off of their books.

We can then work with our fans – who have a vested interest in staying in their home – to get their mortgage performing again.

We then put that performing note back on the market and keep the money flow fluid.

There is no sector of the economy bigger than finance.

There is no product in finance bigger than real estate.

You cannot eliminate one or the other without eliminating the entire worlds economy.

The game we are inviting you to play in really is that big and it really is that crucial.

Be the financial athlete that scores the winning run.

Be the athlete that doesn’t forget to touch HOME PLATE.

This is the moment you have been training all of your life for………

May you be truly blessed this holiday season and as always…..

“May you NEVER awake from the American Dream”!!!!!!!!


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