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The story goes of a rambunctious young boy who just wanted to spend some time with his tired, over-worked father.

The father had just built a fire in the den and pulled up the foot rest on his recliner in preparation of relaxing and reading the newspaper.

(For those of you born in this century, a newspaper was a miniature book published daily – highlighting the news and reported happenings around the world and in your community. It was delivered to your front door.)

The little boy ran in yelling “DADDY, DADDY WILL YOU PLAY WITH ME?”

The man looked at his eager boy and said “sure son…just come back in 10 minutes.”

EXACTLY 10 minutes had passed and the boy came running into the den yelling the same thing.

The man quickly flipped through his newspaper and saw a map of the world on one of the pages.

He tore the map up into several pieces and told his boy “son….here is map of the world. You go and correctly tape all of the pieces together and then I PROMISE I will play with you”.

The man then really got comfortable as he knew his son would take all day to accomplish the task at hand.

EXACTLY 5 minutes later the boy dropped the correctly taped map of the world into his father’s lap.

The father exclaimed “that’s amazing son! How did you do that?”

The boy said “It was easy Daddy! On the back of the map of the world there was a picture of a house – I put the HOME together and the WORLD fell into place!!!!!!!”

A cheesy classic but worth re-telling.

You may ask “what does any of that have to do with investments or non-performing notes?”

Indulge me a bit….more….

You see my friends, nothing will cause a family greater despair than financial instability.

Nothing will make a family feel more secure than financial stability.

You may say “that story was about a small boy wanting love and quality time”.

I would argue that is true – but that boy had the option to ask that of his dad because he had food in his stomach, a roof over his head, a bed to sleep comfortably in at night, and clothes on his back.

His basic needs were met and so he was free to ask for the luxury of his father’s time.

I know there are those who will be offended by me classifying a father’s time as a “luxury.”

We are about to find out just how true that statement is though if we don’t heed the call to action and take our country back from those enemies both foreign and domestic who are trying to rob us of our ability to provide for our families.

Tragically there is real desperation out there!

Many people are scared and truly hurting.

Many are being forced to rely on a government that lacks the ability or understanding on how to successfully help them.

This is where we as investors and entrepreneurs must step in.

WE must continue to invest in the American Dream.

We must cautiously calculate what needs and desires will be marketable now, as well as in the future, and then create jobs and opportunities for those who want to participate and keep the economy going.

The health of the economy is OUR responsibility…NOT the government’s!

As Ronald Reagan once famously said, “Government is NOT the solution to our problem…….government IS the problem!!!”

In my adult life I have been homeless.

I have had to suspend sales at the grocery store and take items back.

I have had cars repossessed.

I have had Christmases with no presents.

I have stood in line humiliated at the food kitchen/homeless shelter.

I have been bankrupt.

I have wept – hot tears streaming down my face – not being able to look at myself in a mirror and see a “real man” looking back!!

In my adult life I have given away cars and homes.

I have funded entire meal programs at homeless shelters.

I have provided entire Christmases for several families.

I’ve paid other peoples’ hospital bills and diabetic medication for years.

I have freed enslaved girls being trafficked.

In other words, I have been rich and I have been poor and ….. I CHOOSE RICH EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

Catherine has had very similar experiences as I and I know it’s one of the things that bonds us.

She always says “money is like oxygen…the more you have the easier it is to breath.”

It’s also the reason our company has the vision statement “We Leave Every Person, Property, and Community Better Than We Found Them.”

… and the mission statement “Sentinels of the American Dream.”

We get the honor and privilege of looking through the lens of an investor as well as through the lens of those whom may need help…

… and in truly understanding the needs and desires of those we serve.

Our hope is that this Thanksgiving we all are blessed with an attitude of gratitude.

That we realize everyone has a story and is a crucial thread in the tapestry of life.

That we help human kind — by being human and kind.

That we are quick to forgive.

That we easily give love.

That we defend our homes – and the homes of others – the places of refuge for the hearts and minds of those we love.

That we realize we are bankrupt if we have all of the riches in the world, but nobody to share it with.

That we put our homes together…..and let the world fall into place.

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May you be truly blessed this holiday season……and as always…..

May you NEVER AWAKE from the American Dream!!