My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:
This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity of being a VIP guest at the Polo event in North Scottsdale.
There were several tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars worth of new – as well as vintage – Bentleys, Rolls Royce‘s, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and other exotic cars.
The attendees had all of the top fashion designers well represented.
There was a dog show in which the dogs felt the need to dress up like their owners!
There was enough bling and shiny things adorning the necks, hands, and feet of the spectators that even a blind man could see.
Champagne flowed and lunches were catered. There was so much eye candy I’m not sure if anyone actually watched the polo matches!!
All of this excess and decadence on display! I can hear the socialists now…..creating an anti-capitalist agenda and re-distributing the wealth as they see fit!
After all…what is wrong with wanting everyone in the world to be able to have the basics… a little more?
What these social  “do gooders“ don’t want anyone to know is that they hate competition. They want to form a true “monopoly” on social justice so that they have  all of the power and the “working man”  will sell them his freedom at a rock-bottom price for a false sense of security.
Class warfare is the gospel that must be preached.
Envy it’s immediate resulting  goal.
While that may be the indoctrinated view of the “downtrodden and trampled“ looking up……there is a different view from the private jets flying at 30,000 feet above the polo grounds.
It is the view of the successful Capitalist and Entrepreneur.
It is the view of the wage payer.
It is a view of the seemingly overwhelming responsibility and pressure that an innocent mistake made by a titan of industry…. could cause a gaping wound in the economy.
It’s hard to be impressed by something you already have a dozen of. Compassionate Capitalists and Entrepreneur‘s do not attend these events dressed to the nines in order to impress. They do so in order to speak of commerce and of charitable events. Visible trappings of success are only there to send out a signal to other like-minded entrepreneurs that their heartfelt dreams, goals, and vision of giving back… will be heard and understood as well as implemented by those likeminded individuals who  already have a successful track record. There is immense power when “community“ comes together.
Yesterdays luxuries are today’s necessities. Commerce is the engine that allow us time to be productive and therefore create a “safe space“ for the advancement of society as a whole. There is a reason why a person who has no job can have a $1300 iPhone and $300 pair of sneakers and still call themselves disadvantaged.
Those who feast at its table get fat and those who feed off the scraps never go hungry.
Redistribution of wealth never has nor ever will work.
However advancement in technology allows the playing field of OPPORTUNITY to be leveled and accessible to everyone.
Playing the game does not guarantee victory. It only guarantees the opportunity. It is up to us to train and condition our minds, our words, and our actions to be on the field of freedom. It is up to us to spend our lives in the pursuit of victory.
It is our responsibility to believe that the only class is the WORKING class…
Those who are WORKING  on “ NEVER awaking from the American Dream”.