My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:
This is not a newsletter article blaming Millennials and Gen Z for the distribution/logistics problems of today; although it can serve as a sneak peek into their future.
No… This is much bigger than that!
This is about our generation as well as Baby Boomers turning the world over to generations who do not comprehend the paramount importance and economic impact of PRODUCTION!!
I interviewed several of the next generation for this article and was enlightened and intrigued by their thought process.
They are the first generation to have never known what life was like before computers and cell phones. They are the first generation that has never had to wait for anything because the entire world is only a few clicks or keyboard strokes away. This is a generation that sees no problem with taking a product that is already produced, calling it their own, and drop shipping or sending it on down the line and taking a small cut. This is a generation completely void of the knowledge of the MANUFACTURING of the computers that they use, the houses that they live in, the cars that they are driven around in, or any other life and economic necessities  that are the cornerstones of an economy.
In short, this is a generation of young adults and kids who expect life’s necessities to be given to them by their parents while they “play video games”.
While I can appreciate using what you have and making a buck without having to reinvent the wheel… every one of them had a bewildered look on their face when I ask them the following:
1.   How will you get food when no one is being trained to replace the farmer?
2.  How will you move around when no factory workers are left to build cars, airplanes, bicycles, hoverboards etc.?
3.  How will you receive shelter when the lumberjacks, loggers, masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and general construction workers are gone?
4.  What happens when transportation of goods comes to a complete halt because there are no more roughnecks in the oil fields?
I then went on to explain while it may seem that many business owners, entrepreneurs, and capitalists may seem arrogant in their eyes… what that bravado really is….is pride of ownership! The spine that gets stiffened when you build something from scratch. The passion to stand up and fight for what you have created and to educate yourself when it comes to the laws surrounding the protection and prosperity of your creation. Those who know the pride that comes with PRODUCTION never seek out safe spaces, government “freebies”, or fear failure!
Yes it is important to use what you have. Yes computers and moving “digital services” have a place. However society only advances when the PRODUCTION of the basics is second nature and there is ample time and opportunity to create “the next big thing“.
Keeping PRODUCERS as a main stay of society ensures that there will be no labor shortages. It ensures that transportation and logistics will not be bottlenecked.
It ensures that government cannot pay off a large portion of society to give up their liberty in exchange for a false sense of security.
It ensures that the basics of life will continue to be provided.
It ensures that we have the ability to “NEVER awake from the American Dream.”