My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:

Ask anyone why our country was founded and you will get a myriad of answers ranging from religious liberty…….to freedom from England.  While most answers will have truth peppered in them the REAL answer is that America was founded for the same purpose as any other country that has ever existed…… ECONOMICS! Now who controlled a country’s economics…..that has been the internal discussion and bases for civil wars since the beginning of time.

The control of economics is founded upon law. The supreme law of our land from the beginning has been The Constitution. Our Founding Fathers did not want our economy controlled by a king, a theocracy, or any form of government for that matter. Government was to provide basic protection from outside invaders as well as protection from anything that would hinder the reasonable flow of commerce. As Ronald Reagan so eloquently put it “government is not the solution to our problem…… Government IS the problem“!

We are not a country made up of 50 states. We are 50 individual states with a centralized government. Commerce is supposed to take place between the states as well as the rest of the world. Restrictions on commerce was to be institutionalized by each individual state and a states restrictions would cause it’s economy to flourish or fail on its own merit. People have the ability to vote on where they choose and with whom they choose to support the economies. Capitalism is self governing in the sense of prosperity will go to the one who is most effectively and efficiently fulfilling the needs of the marketplace.

When government unconstitutionally over-steps it’s boundaries and artificially stimulates economies you have this weeks headlines: Homebuyers paying $1 million over asking price. Housing affordability crisis. Millions of paper millionaires due to artificial home valuations. Americans not going back to work. Retail workers quitting at record rates. Etc! Capitalism and free enterprise is not allowed to correct the market by choosing winners and losers.

All of this upsets the balance of natural order and goes against human nature. Human nature dictates that we want to not just survive… but to THRIVE in our economies. There is a reason why Socialism has never lasted the test of time. When you capture and restrict a persons ability to dictate their own economic future….freedom giving rebellion is soon to follow.

My fellow Compassionate Capitalists…… now is the time to stand as a Sentinel. Now is the time to step forward and wage war against those forces that erode our character and tear at the very fabric the American entrepreneurial spirit. Now is the time to vote for our states individuality and our freedom.

Now is the time to awake our economies while ensuring that we “NEVER awake from the American Dream”!!!!