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When Scottsdale, Arizona was founded rules were set in place restricting the heights of buildings and population density. Scottsdale is long and narrow and home to what will soon be the most exclusive community in the United States…… DC Ranch/Silverleaf. Most people have never heard of DC Ranch and that’s the way the money likes it. Many of the wealthiest and most famous people in the world can come here and enjoy being rich and anonymous.

So what does this have to do with the rest of the country and the current housing market? The neighborhood I live in was built to cater to the Corporate America, middle-management, family man. Most of the houses on the block are anywhere between 2500-3500 ft.² with five bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. Less than 10 years ago you could buy into this neighborhood for about a quarter of a million. Now everyone is upgrading their landscaping due to the fact that very soon….. every single house in this neighborhood will hit the million dollar mark.

Many people on the outside looking in are praying for a housing crash because they’ve been priced out of their own neighborhoods. They can no longer live where they work. It’s a natural human desire when you feel that you have been prematurely taken out of a game when you were playing by the rules. Fortunately for those of us who bought in early, the housing prices are not going to come down any time soon and this is the reason why……

As expressed in previous writings, we are not a country made up of 50 states. We are 50 individual states with a centralized government. Each state has its own sovereignty and is allowed to create its own economies. Yes, the federal government has more power than any individual state but that is only because it has more money than any individual state. Individual states want their piece of the federal pie and so they conform their agencies to federal standards in order to keep the money the federal government would spend if it had to duplicate that agency in every state.

Back to the housing situation. A few states have set themselves apart economically. We will use California and New York for this example. For many years these were great places to be. Especially California, with its temperate climate as well as abundant natural resources and coastal ports made it a Mecca for those who were seeking work and didn’t really want to deal with harsh seasons.

Somewhere along the line liberal government promised more than what it could deliver on without raising taxes. People naturally don’t want to pay attention to government and did not protest as government slowly but surely increased taxes. That and unbridled capitalists took advantage of the laws of supply and demand and before you knew it California had the highest priced real estate as well as the highest taxes. The same can be said about New York. Even with average wages being way above the national average, there came a tipping point where inflation and taxes left wages far behind.  It became so unbearable that even its wealthiest citizens are now fleeing.

As for the rest of the states…. they fell somewhere in between poor economies with extremely low cost of living and nice middle-class economies where the average Joe could still participate in their American dream. The problem is it’s people from states like California and New York who were at such an economic advantage that it is very easy for them to bring their money and purchase the average Joe/middle class right out of the neighborhood. The big money has left it’s homelands in ruin and is now devouring the economies of those who were not prepared.

This is the dilemma that much of the country faces and this is why housing prices will not go down any time soon.

So what solutions are Titan Impact Group offering to those who want to make some sweet portfolio profits while helping correct the imbalance in the economy? Here’s a small list to name a few:

1.    Banks are in the lending business and not the real estate business. Titan Impact Group purchases non-performing notes so that the banks can get the bad debt off of their books and lend new money out as the Fed raises the interest rates.
2.    Titan Impact Group then re-negotiates the loans for home owners who are looking at foreclosure. A plan is drawn up to where homeowners can keep their homes and within 12 to 36 months be paying the mortgage to a point it now becomes a performing note.
3.    Titan Impact Group then takes that performing note and bundles it up and sells it off on Wall Street…thus keeping the flow of money going.
4.    Titan Impact Group also has a tax deed department where anyone with as little as $2000 can purchase deeds backed by real property and then sell the property on our platform that brings together the buyers and sellers.
5.    Titan Impact Group is also in the process of building more mobile home/RV/tiny house communities to benefit those who find that freeing lifestyle more conducive.

If you would like to participate with Titan Impact Group, please fill out the potential funding partner form TODAY! Click, like, comment, share, subscribe, request a copy of our free e-book titled: How To Use Your Self-Directed IRA To Buy Real Estate….. and let’s be the city on the hill that does not hide its ability to ““NEVER awake from the American Dream”.

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