My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:
A few months ago I noticed that one of my neighbors had left his trashcan outside for well over a week. This was not normal for him. I did not know him well, however, I had the strangest feeling that something was not right. I went over and knocked on the door several times as well as rang the doorbell. There was no answer.
I proceeded to call the police and ask them to come out and do a wellness check on him. They responded within 10 minutes and knocked on his door. My neighbor eventually answered and started talking to the police saying that he was sick but was refusing medical treatment and was OK.
At the time I felt bad for calling the police and alarming everyone, however, I felt better knowing that he was OK. We took his trashcan in and went about our way. A few days later I did see him outside and went over and apologized for being the one that called the police. I then gave him my number and asked him to text me if he ever needed anything.
Over the past few months we have created a friendship by texting back-and-forth several times with small pleasantries and just checking in and making sure that he is OK.
The other day I was in my yard admiring some beautiful flowers and I noticed that my neighbor and his dog were out in their driveway. I went over to check on them and just say hello…. and we ended up having a really great conversation.
Three times in that conversation he let me know that the day I called the police to do a wellness check he was actually contemplating ending his life. It was my listening to my intuition and acting on it that saved his life. He thanked me several times. I had no idea the impact and implication that following my intuition would have.
As I share this I believe that we all have “intuition“. The question I have is… How often do we actually listen and respond to it? I invite you to consider the next time you have one of those “weird feelings“ to respond no matter how silly or intrusive it may occur. You never know the difference that it actually could make in somebody’s life.
At the end of the day we are all on the same team. It is in our best interest to look out for each other. It is in our best interest to be friendly and to say hi and to look out for those who may not have as much social contact as we do. It is in our best interest that we leave every person, property and community better than we found them. It is in our best interest that we ensure all of us……. “NEVER awake from the American Dream”.

Catherine Bell/President

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My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:
This week in order to fulfill my promise to “leave every person, property and community better than I found them“ I traveled to Tucson to look at mobile home parks Titan Impact Group could potentially buy. One of the best ways to protect our own money as well as our funding partners’….. is to actually show up and “test drive“ the communities we are looking to invest in.
While many times this seems to be an exercise in futility…… When we do “hit”…. We hit the jackpot and find ourselves in a gold mine! We specialize in digging through the trash and finding treasure. We are not afraid to put on our work clothes and choke on the dirt and dust and use our own blood, sweat, and tears in order to find that vein of gold.
We were worried about the listing because some of the numbers were not adding up. If this deal was going to be a potential money maker we would have to dig deep enough to find out if the condition of this park portfolio was due to ignorance of business…….or arrogance of a slum lord.
As we approached the park it appeared to be in a rough part of town. We later found out that it is in an unincorporated area. The homes are older, the grounds needed some landscaping, the place could easily be mistaken as a slum. However nothing could be further from the truth.
The problem with the listing was that the owners did not understand who their clientele was. This is a tightknit community…. however they are used to being tagged as a place where hope goes to die. People are living the best lives they believe that life will allow them to live.
Just two blocks up from this park is the “ritzy part of town“. These are mobile homes that are on their own land and have fences around them. These people have been there for quite some time and just want to be left alone. They have their own small fire department, mom and pop restaurant, an Ace Hardware, and a Safeway in their little community. This is where the opportunity lies.
You see, while corporate America easily overlooked this community… with the exception of Safeway…the hardware store and restaurant and even a local tavern saw a need to service this area. As long as commercial growth does not surpass  the pace of population growth….. there will be enough enterprises to satisfy the needs of the community and enough community support to make the enterprises profitable.
The demand for affordable housing has not outpaced the availability of affordable housing in that area. This means that for the most part, tenants pay their rent on time and plan on staying in that community for quite some time. The only reason a person would move is if their socioeconomic status improved. Until then everyone is happy where they’re at.
Communities like this are terrified of corporate landlords coming in and pricing them out of their housing. Therefore it is imperative that we show that we are part of their community….and while we will have moderate raises in rent….. it will come with the satisfaction of seeing their park improved aesthetically as well as infrastructure.
We are not out to make all of the profit that the market will bear. We are out to have steady sources of affordable revenue that stay consistent regardless of what the economy is doing. Peoples’ lives get to normalize. They feel safe in their community. We are able to make a profit. We are able to move on to the next project of making every person, property and community better than we found them. We are able to share in the honor we have to “NEVER awake from the American Dream”.

Steve Wahl/ Mobile Home Park Mogul & All Around Hell Of A Guy

How I Am Making An Impact This Week

Hello everybody here are this weeks Titan Impact Group marketing highlights.

Here at Titan Impact Group we are looking for every way possible that we can leave every person, property, and community better than we found them. One of the most important ways we do that is by providing education through all of our social media platforms.

Via our almost daily videos, we have amazing feedback and have been asked to join podcasts and radio shows because of them.

Branding and marketing is another important aspect you do for your business. Showing who you are and why you do what you’re doing…..IS your brand. There is only ONE YOU and your brand is how separate yourself from the competition.

Your brand is your platform and maximizing the usage of your platform is the way you share your mission and dream… well as “add commas to your bank accounts” as Catherine would say.

Marketing is a vital part of what we do here at Titan Impact Group and because of it we are able to make the difference in the world we set out to make!

I strongly encourage you to think about your vision, mission, and your brand…… and what difference you want to make in the world.

My job is as an educator of content. So if you’d like to hear more about what I do inside of marketing for my clients you can connect with me in the link below!

Thank you……. and may you NEVER awake from the American Dream!

Hannah/Marketing Manager

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