My Fellow Compassionate Capitalists:
What is life, liberty, and the American dream? Are these just antiquated mantras of the past that no longer have value in today’s society? Or have these become so INVALUABLE that the price that needs to be paid to obtain them causes the youth of today to be discouraged and shrink from their destinies?

How have we come from a society that others would forsake their homeland for just to have opportunity disguised as hard work…….to raising a generation where work is “abuse” and problem-solving is a skill to be avoided lest it bring undue stress? How do we instill value and self-esteem in people who want nothing to do with the very things that give them value and self-esteem?

We have come to a point to where states must distance themselves from the centralized  government in order to have a flourishing  economy. We have come to a point to wear government social programs have obliterated work ethic and shopping malls…once a  gathering point for the community…are going bankrupt! We have come to a point to where mandatory economic shut downs have caused such a shortage in homes……that currently even RENTERS are having to get into bidding wars. We have come to a point to where even an American staple such as Girl Scouts selling cookies has come to a screeching halt and left them with over 15 million boxes unsold.

To the untrained, uneducated or just flat out lazy eye… these may look like doomsday scenario‘s from which there is no hope. These scenarios… and many more just like them… in the past were flash points of tremendous economic opportunity from which even foreign countries would support the battles for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

As of the writing of this article today… June 17, 2021 we celebrate the 136th anniversary of our friends the French, giving us the Statue of Liberty. The ultimate symbol of what was possible when those who have a dream were willing to fight and die for their beliefs. A symbol that the world watches when it sees others taking action.

In the end isn’t that really what it’s all about… just taking ACTION? Stagnation is the killer of hope, confidence, economies, and dreams. Action taken… even if it’s the wrong action propels us forward as we can learn lessons from our mistakes. We as Compassionate Capitalists have the ability to invest in action. We have the ability to invest in mankind. To invest in the human spirit. To ensure that every patriot who is willing to participate in the economy has a home. A place from which he can safely lay down his head and “NEVER awake from the American Dream”!!!